Live Simply. Simply Live.

When our clients have settled into their new, smaller homes, they have more time to do things. They tell us..."I should have downsized ages ago!"

That got us thinking about the ah-ha moments, you experience when the joy of living with less finally sinks in!Here are some benefits of simplifying your life:

  • Getting dressed is a lot easier when all of the clothes in your closet fit!
  • Impulse purchases become a thing of the past and retail-therapy is no longer needed.
  • Items are replaced when you need them which means no more stock-piling!
  • Mother Earth wins when you choose quality over quantity and consume less.
  • Simplify your home and you simplify your life!
  • Once you have a place for everything, you know where everything is.
  • Storage costs are reduced when you realize you will NEVER use something if you can't SEE it.
  • There's MORE time to do things when you spend LESS time taking care of your stuff.
  • You can give safe passage to surplus items by donating to people who will enjoy and use them.